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The Short

The Ocean Is Female (The OisF) is a saltwater-inspired nonprofit with a mission to encourage women and girls to trust in the therapeutic nature of the sea to help them realize their true greatness and learn how to passionately and confidently ride life’s waves amidst the ever-changing tides.

The Long

My name is Alli  I am the founder of The OisF.  Having lived near the ocean my entire life, the saltwater lifestyle is deeply embedded in my roots.  As a young survivor of abuse, the ocean is – and has always been – my primary source of solace.   Whether I am surfing, sailing, or just sitting on the jetty watching the waves roll in – I continue every day to find serenity, beauty, and perspective through her greatness.  It took many years before I truly grasped the healing power of the ocean and fully appreciated the balance and strength that I receive from her.  Today, I am the joyful mom of two magical and spunky little girls who inspire me to live each day with love and purpose.  Through my own personal history with abuse, and as a working mom focused on raising confident and spirited daughters, I became determined to create something that would allow me to share the experience that the ocean has given me.  And so, The OisF was born – The OisF’s purpose is to inspire women and girls to trust in the natural teachings of the ocean to help them embrace their own unique strengths and live with courage and grace.  It is my hope that, with the support of The OisF community, more women and girls will seek the ocean for the therapeutic source that she is, and that they will welcome her dynamic energy as they ride life’s waves. 

In support of The OisF’s mission and in furtherance of the broader goal to support survivors of abuse and connect them to the ocean, we have formed The OisF Foundation, an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Through our advocacy work for survivors and our support of local and national organizations with a like mission, the Foundation strives to build a community and in doing so elevate the awareness of the prevalence of abuse in our communities.  If you are a survivor of abuse, or you care for a survivor, or you too find solace in the ocean and want to learn more about what The OisF is doing to advance our mission, we welcome you to join our community. JOIN HERE

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